WONCA 2013: Gender Violence: A New Approach

The Gender Violence: A New Approach workshop will be held during the WONCA World 2013 Conference Prague on Thursday 27th June 2013, at 3.30pm (room Club A).

Organised by the Vasco da Gama Movement, EURIPA and the Wonca Working Party on Women and Family Medicine, moderated by R. Gomez Bravo, T. Pekez-Pavlisko, J. Frances Namatovu, L. Laranjo, A.T. Riel-Espina, E. Farrell, B. Tarazona Chocano, A. Nunes Barata, S. Rigon, D. Ramić Severinac.



Gender violence (GV) is a serious problem in our society and each country has different policies and strategies to address it.


The idea of this workshop is not only to share the different strategies to prevent, recognize and treat GV and domestic violence (DV) in your practice, but also to analyse the current education provided about this subject during University, GP training and after the specialisation.


Despite international recommendations, the availability and quality of protection services vary greatly by country, region and city and there is a terrible lack of education in GV during pre-graduate and postgraduate training. New ideas in how to improve this knowledge will be offered from this network created by Vasco da Gama Movement, EURIPA and WWPWFM.


There is the need for additional strategies to improve data collection, to conduct and encourage more research on GV, to integrate education about this subject into graduate and post-graduate programmes, and to strengthen advocacy for victims of GV in all countries. Vasco da Gama Movement, EURIPA and WWPWFM, in conjunction with other UN Partners and NGOs have the potential to foster improvements in how the matter of GV is addressed. Social Media tools can be used as a means to spread the knowledge.

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