WONCA 2013: Training for Family Physicians: Time to Go Global? A collaborative workshop of VdGM with EURACT

The Training for Family Physicians: Time to Go Global? collaborative workshop will be held during the WONCA World 2013 Conference Prague on Wednesday 26th June 2013, at 3.30pm (room North Hall).

Organised by the Vasco da Gama Movement and EURACT, moderated by Jessica Watson, Alice Shiner, Luisa Pettigrew, Greg Irving, Lynda Redwood-Campbell, Jessica Evert, Yvonne Leeuwen Robert Burman, Roar Maagaard.



In the increasingly interdependent world of the 21st century, global health is on our doorsteps and in our consulting rooms. People travel and diseases move beyond national borders more rapidly than ever. Family doctors increasingly serve multicultural societies with diverse needs. Physicians are powerful advocates for health, requiring engagement with issues of globalisation, health inequalities, climate change and political instability. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of global health education at an undergraduate level, however less work has been done at a postgraduate level, in particular with a focus on primary care.


This workshop will allow participants to discuss what global health means, how it is relevant to the work of a family doctor, and explore how it could form part of formal post-graduate training.


This interactive workshop will be suitable for GP trainees and trainers and anyone with an interest in global health. Examples from countries that are exploring or have already developed global health curricula will be shared. Participants will share their experiences, needs and ideas about global health training in family medicine.


By the end of the workshop participants should be aware of the relevance of global health to primary care. The workshop will enable VdGM and EURACT to explore what global health knowledge is needed by a family physician, and how these organisations can facilitate the delivery of this.


This workshop will show that education in global health is a truly international endeavour with applicability across geographical and cultural barriers.

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