WONCA Europe 2012: The Winners of JRA, Hippokrates and Carosino Awards

Presenting the Junior Researcher Award Winners during the Conference

The Junior Researcher Award aims to promote a generation of junior GP/FM doctors who include research skills with patient care as a life time career. This award honors outstanding research proposals and researchers' careers who are GP/FM trainees or junior GP/FM with up to 5 years working experience after graduation.

The three winners of the Junior Researcher Award 2012 are:

  • Virginia Hernandez for the UK
  • Mirene Anna Luciani for Italy
  • Anne Maren Dahlhaus for Germany

And this year's runner-up:

  • Tiago Luís Baptista da Cunha Sousa Veloso for Portugal

All four champions will be invited to present their project during a special workshop, which is scheduled on Saturday, 7th July, at 11.00. Senior GPs and experts are invited to join this workshop and help the four champions in developing their project.


Presenting the Hippokrates and Carosino Prizes during the Conference

The Vasco da Gama Movement is pleased to announce that the winners of this year's Hippokrates Exchange and Carosino Prizes for the best completed exchange and the best completed exchange in a rural area are:

  • Pedro Miguel Oliveira Azevedo (Hippokrates Exchange Prize)
  • Fabrizia Farolfi (Carosino Prize)

The winners will take part in the "Open Space: Meet the Vasco da Gama Movement" (Friday, 6th July at 16.00), the Hippokrates Exchange workshop (Thursday, 5th July at 14.00) and the EURIPA/VdGM joint workshop (Friday, 6th July at 11.00).

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