Writing for publication: a joint VdGM/EGPRN/EJGP workshop


The workshop was held in WONCA Europe 2012 Congress.


Peer reviewed medical journals are important media for the publication of articles relevant to Primary Health Care and General Practice, such as research papers, reviews of literature, clinical lessons, and opinion papers. They are the means to disseminate original research results and educational information, discuss available evidence and share experiences.


This workshop aims to give participants knowledge about successfully preparing a manuscript for medical journals


Authors interested in research or medical writing and with little or no previous experience in publishing. More experienced authors are welcome to join this workshop to share their experiences.


The workshop will have the format of a highly interactive presentation. It will focus on the preparation and submission of research papers and clinical lessons. Topics presented are the value of these article types, the basic structure, language and presentation of both article types, and common errors and how to prevent them. In addition, the peer review process will be discussed. Optional topics might be choosing the appropriate journal, (dis)advantages of open access journals, authorship and potential conflicts of interest, or the organisation of your writing work.

Participants are welcome to share their thoughts and ask questions on Twitter prior to the conference using the #vdgm hashtag (tweeting to @vdgmeu, @egprn or @EurJGenPract); these will be used during the workshop.

Expected results

Participants will have received introductory information and practical advice on how to prepare an appropriate manuscript to be published as research paper or clinical lesson in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

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