YDM Global joint Webinar Series starts Nov 29

VdGM takes the lead for the first Event in the evolving YDM Global joint Webinar Series and invites you to spend an hour on Zoom at 1 pm CET on November 29th for . We start with an obvious topic - In "Riding the 2nd Covid Wave" the spot is on the similarities and differences between the different World regions facing the Covid pandemic. For takeoff Sonia Tsukagoshi will share the most interesting outtakes and lesons learned in her globalfamilydoctor.com Interview series. Afterwards we'll have one Speaker from every YDM Region sharing their opinions and insights for a fixed set of questions, inspiring us with new impressions as well as some silver linings for the near future. See you soon for an hour well spent.

Webinar Riding the 2nd Covid Wave on Eventbrite

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