2nd #VdGMForum | Sponsor Opportunities

As the need for more Family Doctors is projected to increase in the next decade, we are presented with the opportunity to invest in the new generation and provide the means to support a better career development. Junior Family Doctorsand trainees from all over Europe will get together under the umbrella of our Forum in order to broaden their horizons, receive tailored training and participate in activities of high educational and scientific value.
We are seeking partners that will support the Forum and cover:
  1. Organisational costs (including online registration, rent of facilities, IT material)
  2. Human resources for the organisation of the event
  3. Promotional needs (including printing of scientific programme)
  4. The travelling expenses of our speakers

The dissemination opportunities for sponsors include:

  • Your logo on the website and in our program
  • Promotion via our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare and Flickr
  • Distributing material into the VdGM Forum bags of delegates
  • Advertisements in the program of theVdGM Forum
  • Sponsoring an award or bursaries

If you are interested, let's explore together this opportunity! Please contact us here: info@vdgm.eu

The sponsorship must comply to the Wonca Europe Guidelines on External Sponsorship.



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