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Refer-a-friend Program


Refer-a-friend Program


This Program ran until July 1st 2016 and allowed delegates to earn a free entry or discounts up to 30%. If you participated in this Program you can click on the image below to find if you are entitled to a refund.


Keep Calm and Submit your Abstracts - 3rd VdGM Forum

In view of the approaching deadline for abstracts submission for the 3rd VdGM Forum, April 1st 2016, VdGM has kicked-off the campaign "Keep Calm and Submit your Abstracts for the 3rd VdGM Forum". Find below the image and slogans used.

Upcoming deadlines for VdGM activities

Don't want to miss any deadlines out of VdGM's perfect storm of events? 

Here is the list in chronological order: 


01/03/16 - application deadline for the 2016 edition of the VdGM Fund

VdGM Pre-Forum Exchange, 11-13th September 2016, Israel

The exchange will take place in a variety of Israeli urban and rural locations during the 3 days (11-13/09/2016) prior to the 3rd VdGM Forum in Jerusalem (14-16/09/2016).

Registrations and Submissions now open for the 3rd VdGM Forum

We are pleased to announce that registrations and abstract submissions for the 3rd VdGM Forum are now open.


3rd VdGM Forum Call for Abstract Reviewers

Would you be willing to serve as an abstract reviewer and thereby contribute with valuable input to the 3rd VdGM Forum?


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who would like to be involved in the Forum.

Call for Abstract Reviewers


The Host Organizing Committee calls for your help and kindly invites you to be one of the prominent reviewers for the 3rd VdGM Forum.


Please find attached the call for reviewers.


Reviewing abstracts is a crucial part of the preparations for the Forum, and your help will, therefore, be much appreciated.


Transportation in Jerusalem


Please visit the 3rd VdGM Forum Map to find the points of interest in Jerusalem.


How to get to the venue

Visiting Israel


The Holy land offers a rich variety of sites to explore.


To and from the Airport


Sherut - shared, licensed taxi at a fixed price

Travelling to Israel


Visa to enter the state of Israel is not needed for most European passport holders. To be sure you're exempt from having a visa please check this table.





Welcome to the 3rd VdGM Forum webpage!


The tradition of VdGM continues: this time the Forum lands in the ancient and historical city of Jerusalem. The 3rd VdGM Forum brings promise of a fascinating professional program together with a chance to visit the Holy Land, a mixture of old and new, east and west – a true multi-cultural experience.


3rd VdGM Forum on the social media


Meet the other participants on Facebook.


#3vdgmf is the official hashtag for the 3rd VdGM Forum. Please use it to tag your conversations about the Forum on Social Media.


Discover the people and the discussions surrounding the #3vdgmf hashtag on Twitter by clicking here.



Travel, accommodation and general info


First of all – safety!

Contrary to what you may hear on the news, Israel is one of the safest places to hang out in. As Israel spends more than half of our budget on security, you'll find the country very quiet and safe to travel during all hours of the day.


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