4th VdGM Forum

A reflection on the 4th VdGM Forum

Candan Kendir, winner of the VdGM Fund, reflects on the 4th VdGM Forum in WONCA News.



Relive the 4th VdGM Forum on YouTube

The live streams for the 4th VdGM Forum are now available on-demand on YouTube. Relive all the exciting Plenary Sessions, Opening and Closing ceremonies, and more on the VdGM Youtube channel.


News on the 4th VdGM Forum

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The abstracts are all in and we are on track for a fantastic forum in Strasbourg. We were thrilled to receive so many excellent abstracts and would like to thank all the authors for their hard work and enthusiasm.


4th VdGM Forum in Strasbourg 2017

Are you ready for the time of your life in Strasbourg?


Don't miss a thing about the upcoming 4th VdGM Forum on this link.


Social Media & Resource library


#4vdgmf is the official hashtag for the 4th VdGM Forum. Please use it to tag your conversations about the Forum on Social Media.


Discover the people and the discussions surrounding the #4vdgmf hashtag on Twitter by clicking here.


Forum Organisation & Committees


Having an annual Forum is a dream come true for the Vasco da Gama Movement. Behind it all stands a group of hard working residents and establishing family physicians who are willing to do selfless efforts to provide an invigorating event, both scientifically and socially, at an affordable price.

The members of the Host Organising Committee (HOC) of the 4th Forum warmly thank everyone who helped in achieving this goal, including the sponsors and partners.

Travel, accommodation and general info



On this link you'll find a map with the locations of the venue, social program events, recommended accomodation and other main sites. Save the link on your Favorites!




Social responsibility


VdGM has long recognised that not all new and future family doctors​ ​have the same economic means. GPs and GP trainees in some parts of​ ​Europe face significant economic challenges including being able to find​ ​funds to attend VdGM events.


From previous experience, we also know that at every VdGM meeting​ ​there are individuals who want to be able to make a contribution in order​ ​to assist less well off colleagues to be able to attend the​ ​meeting.

Abstract submission


The 4th VdGM Forum Host Organising Committee is now ready to welcome your research, work, experience and projects in General Practice.

We want YOU to tell us your story, share your knowledge and education skills or share views on research projects. 




The online registration is now open. Click here to register! 


There you'll find everything you need to register to the 4th VdGM Forum in Strasbourg.


Pre-forum workshops


Three workshops are planned to be held in the morning of Friday 21st of April 2017.

Pre-Forum workshop 1 – « Perfect poster is possible»
Workshop on how to make a scientifically-relevant poster and improve your skills in critical reading of scientific work

Pre-forum exchange program


Following VdGM tradition, the 4th Forum will present you the opportunity to participate in an exchange program. Twenty-five residents and establishing family physicians will have the chance to discover the life of French resident/family physician. GP hosts from all over Strasbourg’s region were selected to welcome you. Some participants will be accommodated by their GP hosts, others by fellow French trainees.


Social Program




Bringing us together!


2000 years old, Strasbourg is a city with strong culture and heritage but still takes the modern world right on with all its European institutions.


Scientific program


The 4th VdGM Forum Host Organising Committee is now ready to welcome you for an amazing, interactive and scientific Forum! 


This year, the Forum main theme is « No borders, no limits! Let’s push the GP world forward! »




Bienvenue à Strasbourg!


The Saint-Exupéry Network team, also known as the French Vasco da Gamians, is very pleased to invite you to the beautiful city of Strasbourg for the 4th VdGM Forum, from Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd of April 2017.



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