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This page will serve as a resource for reading materials, lists and files related to the scientific program of the 3rd Forum.

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3rd VdGM Forum Call for Abstract Reviewers

Would you be willing to serve as an abstract reviewer and thereby contribute with valuable input to the 3rd VdGM Forum?


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who would like to be involved in the Forum.

Call for Abstract Reviewers


The Host Organizing Committee calls for your help and kindly invites you to be one of the prominent reviewers for the 3rd VdGM Forum.


Please find attached the call for reviewers.


Reviewing abstracts is a crucial part of the preparations for the Forum, and your help will, therefore, be much appreciated.




Welcome to the 3rd VdGM Forum webpage!


The tradition of VdGM continues: this time the Forum lands in the ancient and historical city of Jerusalem. The 3rd VdGM Forum brings promise of a fascinating professional program together with a chance to visit the Holy Land, a mixture of old and new, east and west – a true multi-cultural experience.


3rd VdGM Forum on the social media


Meet the other participants on Facebook.


#3vdgmf is the official hashtag for the 3rd VdGM Forum. Please use it to tag your conversations about the Forum on Social Media.


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Travel, accommodation and general info


First of all – safety!

Contrary to what you may hear on the news, Israel is one of the safest places to hang out in. As Israel spends more than half of our budget on security, you'll find the country very quiet and safe to travel during all hours of the day.

Social program


One of the main goals of the Israeli Host Organizing Committee is to keep all of us in a good vibe during the Forum. We hope that you'll feel the Mediterranean heat running through your veins while you're in Israel! When we say fun, it doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot of money though!


Scientific program


The 3rd VdGM Forum aims to offer you a diverse and high quality scientific program, intended to keep you interested, open minded and involved.




We are most delighted that you've decided to join us!

The online registration is now openHere you'll find everything you need to register for the upcoming event.

Pre-forum workshops


Two workshops are planned to be held in the morning of September 14th 2016, Wednesday.


Pre-Forum workshop 1 :

An introduction to IMS - A practical workshop on the use of intra-muscular stimulation (dry needling) in the treatment of myofascial low back pain


Pre-Forum workshop 2:

Abstract submission


The 3rd VdGM Forum Host Organizing Committee calls you to take part and explore your capabilities, share your research, experience and projects with other young and future family physicians.


Participants are called to present original research and individual projects, conduct workshops and network in a supportive professional environment.


Forum Organisation & Committees


Having an annual Forum is a dream coming true for the Vasco da Gama Movement. Behind it all stands a group of hard working residents and establishing family physicians who are willing to do selfless efforts in order to provide an invigorating event, both scientifically and socially, at an affordable price.

The members of the Host Organising Committee (HOC) of the 3rd Forum warmly thank everyone who helped in achieving this goal.

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