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Hippokrates Template

Hippokrates Exchange Programme Template (can be dowloaded as .doc or .pdf file)

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives should be guided by the Visitor's own learning needs, their national vocational training curriculum, EURACT's Definition of General Practice, and need to be realistically achievable within the Educational Programme the Host can offer.

The Host is also invited to complete his/her own learning objectives, however is not required to do so.


Hippokrates Instructions


Following the Visitor sending the Host the completed 'Visitor Contact Template' the following steps should be undertaken.


Step 1: Completion of the Learning Objectives by Visitor

The Learning Objectives should be completed by the Visitor. The Visitor should e-mail the Learning Objectives to the Host for review.

This should happen 16 weeks before the exchange.

Detailed Timetable of Exchange Process

Timing Guidelines



Visitor's National Exchange Coordinator (VNEC)

Host's National Exchange Coordinator (HNEC)

>18 Weeks Before Contact potential Host via VdGM website or through National Exchange Co-ordinator Reply < 14 days of potential visitor query if you wish to continue    
>18 Weeks Before

Sample Exchange Programme

Hippokrates exchanges are normally 2 weeks (10 working days) long.

The minimum time spent undertaking programmed exchange activities should be 35 hours per week.

Below is a sample Educational Programme, this will need to be modified depending on local activities.


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