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Raquel Gomez Bravo: WONCA Featured Doctor

VdGM changed the life of our beloved Raquel Gomez Bravo.


Research paper on VdGM got published

Congratulations to Özgür Erdem, Hüseyin Can, Zelal Akbayın, Murat Altuntaş, and Hayriye Külbay for publishing an article about VdGM in the Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine.


Let's learn from it and make it one of many publications about the VdGM, by VdGMians.


WONCA Annual Report 2014-2015

WONCA World has recently published it's Annual Report for the period of July 2014 to June 2015.


Young Doctors Movement Meeting in Istanbul Preconference

All WONCA regions now have their own young doctor movement. The movement leaders are invited to Istanbul to share their ambitions and discuss the challenges  connected to their role within WONCA.

Happy New Year! A message to all!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Saturday Night Post-Forum Celebration


We have organised a very special post-Forum celebration event taking place in one of Dublin’s premier venues.



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