National Delegate of Bulgaria: Ivan Gorev

WONCA Member Organisation: Bulgarian General Practice Society for Research and Education (BGPSRE).

National Young Doctors Network: Bulgarian General Practice Society for Research and Education (BGPSRE).

National Delegate of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Marina Jotic Ivanovic

Marina finished her family medicine residency in 2017 and is currently studying for a master's degree on nutrition. She is interested in health promotion and preventive activities, lifestyle medicine, and woman's health and rights. Always a fighter, Marina loves to travel and her motto is “You have to be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi)


WONCA Member Organisations: Association of Family Physicians of Republic of Srpska; The Association of Family Physicians of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

National Delegate of Belgium: Indra Van Hoorick

Infected by the VdGM in 2015, Indra helped establish the Belgian national network for young family doctors: Jong Domus; she works in a small group practice in Brussels, loves her job as a GP and tries to inspire and empower young GPs to get involved in global organizations. Indra is expecting a French-Belgian Erasmus baby with her French companion.


WONCA Member Organisation: Belgian Society for General Practitioners/Family Physicians (Domus Medica).

National Delegate of Austria: Julia Pongracz

Julia is in her final year as a GP trainee, in a happy relationship with Luis and owner of little Runa - a romanian street dog, that she describes as lovely, funny and a bit of a bully!


WONCA Member Organization: Austrian Society of General Practice/Family Medicine.

National Young Doctors Network: Junge Allgemeinmedizin Österreich (JAMÖ).

National Delegate of Slovakia: Peter Lipovsky

WONCA Member Organisation: The Slovak Society of General Practice of the Slovak Medical Association.

National Young Doctors Network: Mladí Praktici (Slovakian Young GPs).

National Delegate of Slovenia: Veronika Vezjak

WONCA Member Organisation: Slovenian Medical Association.

National Young Doctors Movement: Slovenian Medical Association.

National Delegate of Sweden: Joana Gomes

WONCA Member Organisation: The Swedish Association of General Practice.

National Young Doctors Network: The Swedish Association of General Practice.


The VdGM Council is the governing body of VdGM, makes decisions about strategy, policy, direction and the Constitution, and gives direction to and holds the Executive accountable for acting in the best interests of VdGM. The Council members - the National Delegates - are appointed/elected by WONCA Europe member oganisations.


National Delegate of Spain: Miriam Rey

Mother to Alissa, Miriam loves reading and travelling; she hopes to spread the VdGM virus to young and the not-so-young family doctors who have lost their focus and essence. 


WONCA Member Organisation: Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC).

National Young Doctors Network: Sección de jóvenes médicos de familia de la Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria (JMF semSYC).

National Delegate of Switzerland: Réka Veress

WONCA Member Organisation: Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGAIM).

National Young Doctors Network: Jungen Hausärztinnen und -ärzte Schweiz (JHaS) - Young Doctors Group in Switzerland.

National Delegate of Turkey: Halil Volkan Tekayak

WONCA Member Organisation: Turkish Association of Family Physicians.

National Young Doctors Network: Turkish Association of Family Physicians.

National Delegate of United Kingdom: Stuart Holmes

Stuart is a trainee family doctor in Manchester and evangelical about VdGM conference exchanges! 


WONCA Member Organisation: Royal College of General Practitioners.

National Young Doctors Movements: Junior International Committee of the Royal College of General Practitioners (JIC RCGP)

National Delegate of Ukraine: Iana Sadovnik

Yana is a PhD student, loves travelling and is mother to Solomia.


WONCA Member Organisation: Ukrainian Family Medicine Association.

National Young Doctors Network: Ukrainian Movement of Young General Practitioners (UMYGP).

VdGM Issues a response to Astana Declaration

Dear VdGM community,


VdGM Annual Report 2018 - 2019


Dear Vasco da Gama Network community members,



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