Awards & Bursaries

2014 Junior Researcher Award Winner: Daniel Pinto (Portugal)

Research project: “An open cluster-randomized, 18-month trial to compare the effectiveness of educational outreach visits with usual guideline dissemination to improve family physician prescribing”.

2013 Bursary Recipient: Cristina Sicorschi (Spain)

In 2013, 22 applicants from 10 countries applied for VdGM Bursaries. The VdGM Fund was able to assist six of them in attending the 2013 VdGM Preconference & WONCA Europe Conference in Lisbon. Among them was Cristina from Spain;

2013 Bursary Recipient: Grabiella Iski (Hungary)

Grabiella from Hungary;

2013 Bursary Recipient: Maija Kozlovska (Latvia)

Maija from Latvia;

2013 Bursary Recipient: Sergey Surkov (Spain)

Sergey from Spain;

2013 Bursary Recipient: Luís Pinho Costa (Portugal)

Luís from Portugal;

2013 Bursary Recipient: Kristina Horova (Czech Republic)

Kristina from Czech Republic.

2013 Carosino Prize: Marie Permentier (France)

Hosted by: Angus Gallacher (Scotland, UK).

2013 Hippokrates Prize: Clara Vilavella Lizana (Spain)

Hosted by: Birgit Morre Pedersen (Aarhus, Denmark).

Read the newspiece on WONCA News.

2013 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: Pavel Vychytil (Czech Republic)

Research project "Compliance and non-compliance with GP/specialty training requirements".


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