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Research Awards

General Practice/ Family Medicine is known to be an emerging field for research activities all over the world. Moreover, the characteristics of the discipline, as defined by WONCA Europe, create a demand for multi-methodological research skills.


Exchange Awards

The Vasco da Gama Movement currently awards the Hippokrates Prize to the best exchange completed at an urban practice within Europe in a given year, under the Hippokrates Exchange Programme. Prior to 2018 exchanges completed in a rural practice were also eligible.


2012 Carosino Prize: Fabrizia Farolfi (Italy)

Hosted by: David Mannings (West Sussex, UK).

Read the exchange report here.

2012 Hippokrates Prize: Pedro Azevedo (Portugal)

Hosted by: Rosalyn Dunnet (Ashorf, UK).

Read the exchange report here.

2012 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: Tiago Luís Veloso (Portugal)

Research project "Mood, Hypertension and Target Organ Damage – A Cohort Study in a Primary Care setting".

2012 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: Mirene Anna Luciani (Italy)

Research project: "Statins and risk of incident diabetes: a retrospective observational study project".

Know more abot Mirene and her project on this feature story by WONCA.

WONCA Europe 2012: The Winners of JRA, Hippokrates and Carosino Awards

Presenting the Junior Researcher Award Winners and the Hippokrates and Carosino Prizes during the Conference

2011 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: Florian Stigler (Austria)

Research project: "The future of primary care in Austria".

An interview with Florian can be found here.


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