Awards & Bursaries

2019 Bursary Recipient: Shirin Talapbek Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

The VdGM Fund was able to assist two individuals to attend the 2019 VdGM Preconference & WONCA Europe Conference in Bratislava. 

2019 Carosino Prize: Giulia Schiavi (Italy)

Hosted by: Holly Tyson (UK).


2019 Hippokrates Prize: Neelam Parmar (UK)

Hosted by: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal).

2019 Junior Researcher Award Winner: Fabian DuPont (Germany)

Research project: "A competency based/blended learning teaching approach". 

2019 Laureate of the Fons Sips Award: Elena Klusova

Born in Moscow, she ended up settling in Spain where her life first became entangled with VdGM as a host for a conference exchange in Madrid in 2014.

VdGM Exchange Awards 2020

Dear members, It is our pleasure to announce the annual call for the VdGM Exchange Awards 2020. We will be giving away two awards: Carosino - for best completed rural exchange practice of the year, and Hippokrates - for the best completed urban practice of the year.


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