Awards & Bursaries

VdGM Fund: Acknowledgement of Donors and VdGM Lottery winners

During WONCA Europe Conference 2017, around 200 individuals donated a grand total of 1565€ towards the VdGM Fund, making it the biggest fundraiser in VdGM history.


VdGM Lottery: donate towards the VdGM Fund

Since 2012, thanks to the generous support of donors, VdGM has been able to offer bursary assistance to 20 New and Future Family Doctors who were in need of financial assistance to participate in WONCA Europe Conferences and VdGM Forums.

Being Young, Staying Young Award

What does it mean to be young? For the Vasco da Gama Movement youth is not about age, it's about attitude. Youth is about the passion with which you approach your work and the spirit that you imbue to those around you.


2017 VdGM Fund winners

This year, besides the usual bursaries for the VdGM Preconference/WONCA Europe Conference, bursaries were also established for attending the VdGM Forum.


2016 Bursary Recipient: Cristiana Avramescu (Romania)

In 2016, 19 applicants from 9 countries applied for VdGM Bursaries. The VdGM Fund was able to assist two individuals to attend the 2016 VdGM Preconference & WONCA Europe Conference in Copenhagen.  One bursary was awarded to Cristiana.

2016 Bursary Recipient: Jakab Engya Aniko (Romania)

The other bursary was awarded to Jakab.

2016 Carosino Prize: Simon Thornton (UK)

Hosted by: Anne Birgitte V. Andersen (Denmark).

2016 Hippokrates Prize: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal)

Hosted by: Vikesh Sharma (London, UK)


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