Awards & Bursaries

2015 Bursary Recipient: Vera Cristina de Jesus Pires da Silva (Portugal)

Another bursary was granted to Vera Silva to attend the 2015 VdGM Preconference & WONCA Europe Conference in Istanbul.

2015 Carosino Prize: Ana Catarina Henriques de Carvalho (Portugal)

Hosted by: (Mont-de-Marsan, France).

2015 Laureate of the BYSY Award: Per Kallestrup

Per Kallestrup has been an inspirational figure to many within VdGM. Being responsible for the establishment of the VdGM Hippokrates Exchange Programme he has remained in close contact with its development and continues to act in a senior supervisory capacity. He plays an active role within the VdGM community and frequently attends meetings at which he motivates, enthuses and galvanizes young GPs and Family Doctors - as he describes, the "Troubadours of general practice". 

2015 Edition Winners of the VdGM Fund


VdGM Fund Bursaries applications are now open !

There are significant inequities in the European context, which also afflict our discipline and prevent many trainees and junior General Practitioners / Famil

Junior Researcher Award 2015



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